アーティスト・イン・レジデンス※ PARADISE AIRは、千葉県松戸市に入れ替わり立ち代わり国内外からアーティストが訪れ滞在し、作品制作や発表を行うプログラムです。パチンコスロット店「楽園」の協力を得て運営し、名称はビルオーナーであるパチンコスロット店の名称「楽園」に由来しています。かつて宿場町として栄えた千葉県・松戸駅前は、江戸と水戸をつなぐ拠点として多くの逗留者が行き交いました。地元住民の邸宅には、過去に訪れた文人画人が宿泊料代わりに残した作品が今も残るといいます。PARADISE AIRはこうした松戸宿の歴史伝統を踏まえた「一宿一芸」をコンセプトとする、アーティストの国際的な滞在制作拠点となります。 当AIRには、「ショートステイ・プログラム」と「ロングステイ・プログラム」の2つの滞在プログラムがあることが特徴です。ロングステイ・プログラムでは、海外のアーティストに資金提供を行い、地域住民とともに制作をサポートして最長60日間の長期滞在を受け入れます。ショートステイ・プログラムでは、地域への「一芸」の提供の代わりに最長6泊7日までの短期滞在を受け入れ、国内外の若手芸術家の松戸への滞在を促します。成田空港と東京都心の中間に立地、JR常磐線で上野駅まで20分、松戸駅前から徒歩2分という好立地条件にある松戸で、AIR運営を行うことにより、多くの人が松戸に集い、アーティストと日本の芸術文化にとって新しいトランジットポイントとなることを目指します。


※アーティスト・イン・レジデンス(Artist In Residence)とは:芸術家に一定期間、滞在場所と制作場所を提供し、移動と制作活動を支援するプログラム。

助成:松戸市、文化庁(平成28年度 文化芸術による地域活性化・国際発信推進事業)


With support from the Japanese pachinko parlor RAKUEN (imagine pinball merged with gambling), we has established an Artist-in-Residence program called PARADISE AIR on the vacant upper floors of the RAKUEN building. In fact, the name, “PARADISE AIR,” is derived from a literal translation of the Japanese word “RAKUEN.”  Long ago, the city of Matsudo prospered as a place where travelers could rest during their journeys between the cities of Edo and Mito. Some local residents still collect the works of writers and painters of that time because the artists often left a piece of art as a means of paying for their lodging.  Inspired by the rich cultural and artistic history of Matsudo, PARADISE AIR continues the tradition of “One Night, One Art” by allowing an artist to stay in the residence for free in exchange for an artistic event or performance, and also operates as a creative base for artists from around the world. The residence is a two-minute walk from Matsudo Station, and Matsudo itself is located between central Tokyo and Narita International Airport. As a result of this prime location, the program serves as a popular transit point for young artists, both domestic and international. In fact, the residence itself – once operated as a hotel and now as a pachinko parlor – possesses many unique characteristics that are said to have inspired artists from around the world. PARADISE AIR offers two kinds of programs: the Long Stay Program and the Short Stay Program.  In the Long Stay Program, we provide lodging for a foreign artist for a period of up to 60 consecutive days. During their stay, we not only support the artist financially, but we also help to provide him or her access to the local community, particularly in terms of overcoming language barriers.  In the Short Stay Program, we offer a free, short-term residence for artists in return for an artistic donation in the form of a public event, performance, installation, etc. We aspire to make the residence a new artistic point of transit so that it may continue to attract artists to Matsudo – and Japan – from around the world. Furthermore, as we support young artists on their paths to success, we also hope to encourage the residents of Matsudo to revive and nurture their own local, creative atmosphere. PARADISE AIR consists of two administrative rooms and six rooms known as SOHO Studios. SOHO Studios are used freely as artists’ offices, studios, or residences. Maintaining SOHO Studios serves as the main expense behind this community program, and as such we have enacted a three-year plan to ultimately evolve into a privately organized cultural institution.

Subsidized by : Matsudo City, Agency for Cultural Affairs