[ワークショップ]ジング・イヨン &チョン・ファット・レオン
[Workshop] Jing Yi Yong & Cheong Fat Leong

古民家スタジオ 旧・原田米店

現在PARADISE AIRに滞在中のアーティスト、ジング・イヨンとチョン・ファット・レオンによるワークショップを開催します。このワークショップでは、松戸で見つけた植物や鉱物でインクをつくり、ペインティングをします。地域の植物や鉱物からインクをつくるプロセスからは、地域の自然や季節の変化を感じることができます。出来上がった作品は、PARADISE AIRに展示します。どうぞご参加ください。

日時:2017/07/15(土) 13:00~16:00
会場:古民家スタジオ 旧・原田米店(千葉県松戸市松戸1874 )

In this world, the existence of colours are wonderful. Colours are saturated and charmed especially in nature. It is the gift from the life and nature. It display the eternal beauty of art creation after the pigment (or ink)extraction with variety of recipes.

With this workshop, we will like to explore the colours of Matsudo in nature and painting together. The artwork is made through the extraction of pigments (or ink) from the collected local plants and minerals. The process of extraction involved very simple and mild chemical reaction and thus will not cause damage to the surrounding. Also, it is a great way to explore about the ecological environment for instance the change of the seasons and the difference between the temperature and humidity through the local plants and minerals. This artwork created by the local plants and minerals will form a unique and significant characteristic. With all these, the connection between the nature, art and culture can be established.

We will complete the painting with the pigments (or ink) extracted by ourselves and held a exhibition to display all of the artworks. This will become a beautiful artwork as well as an unforgettable memories for everyone.

Date : Saturday 15th, July, 2017
Time : 13:00~16:00
Venue : Harada Rice Store Studio
Artist : Jing Yi Yong, Cheong Fat Leong
Participation: Free
*Children free if accompanied by an adult.