PARADISE AIR temporarily closes its doors until June 15


現在の状況を鑑み、”アーティスト人生のうちのコロナ禍中3週間をPARADISE AIRで過ごして頂き、松戸での制作体験を創出する”ために松戸駅から60分圏内に居住するアーティストを対象とした「MATSUDO “QOL” AWARD」を開催します。本日発表したお知らせはこちら

(Update on May 18, 2020)
As a response to the current situation, PARADISE AIR has launched a call to offer a special 3-week experience at PARADISE AIR, allowing artists to create artworks in Matsudo in this time of coronavirus outbreak. This program only invites artists who live within 60 minutes of Matsudo station. NEWS released today.

アーティスト受け入れ再開のために、PARADISE AIRでは少しずつですが、今できることを進めています。

(Update on May 7, 2020)
At PARADISE AIR, we are doing what we can do now, in small steps. As an artist-in-residence program, we are currently organizing a new form of open call to support artists who live in and around the city of Matsudo, including the neighboring cities in Chiba Prefecture, or any other areas within a similar distance. Details to be announced in the coming week of 5/18! Don’t miss it!

4月7日、新型コロナウイルス感染症の感染拡大に伴い、PARADISE AIRが拠点とする千葉県に対して緊急事態宣言が出されました。  > link: 総理大臣による緊急事態宣言の発出

PARADISE AIRでは先週より、滞在中の海外アーティストが帰国することをサポートしてきていました。そして昨日、3月から滞在を続けていたアーティストを送り出し、現在滞在中のアーティストは0名になりました。


とはいえ、PARADISE AIRのスタッフは皆元気に自宅にて過ごしています。日々変わる状況を注視しながら、リモートワークで未来のことを議論していますよ。近いうちに、またお会いできますように!



PARADISE AIR スタッフ一同(写真:加藤甫)

(Update on April 9, 2020)
On April 7, responding to the COVID-19 epidemic spreads, the Japanese government declared a state of emergency for seven different areas in Japan, including Matsudo (Chiba prefecture).
>  link: Prime Minister declares state of emergency

PARADISE AIR had been supporting resident artists to return home over the week and yesterday, we sent off the last artist, who was staying at PARADISE AIR from March, leaving for his country. There is no artists currently in residence.
Since staff members are also requested to stay at home, PARADISE AIR will temporarily close its doors until May 6, the date specified by the declaration of the state of emergency. Thanks to their consideration, artists who were scheduled to stay during this period already agreed to cancel or postpone their stay.
We will announce when we decide to reopen the residency, after careful consideration regarding the situation.

If nothing else, Paradise staff are all healthy and safe! Keeping a close eye on the changing situation everyday, we enjoy discussing our future remotely. We hope everyone the best of all and see you soon!


Photo by Hajime Kato