Bye 2018!!

LONGSTAY Program 2018 had ended finally, big thanks to so many supports from the world. We really appreciate all your helps for making this program successful and fruitful.

Best wishes,
All members of PARADISE AIR

December, 2018






・広報協力(Web サイト、SNS など)






Thank you for all applications for SHORTSTAY Program. Unfortunately, the schedule of SHORTSTAY Program is quite full until the end of July, 2019. We are still keeping the open call for SHORTSTAY Program after August, 2019. However, we are going to hold next selection after April, 2019. Thank you for your patience and we are looking forward to your applying.


Project Implementation: Anytime
Period of Stay: Up to 3 weeks in principle

What we provide
-Residence (PARADISE AIR)
-Finding a venue for performance/event
-Assistance in publicity activities (on Web, SNS)



-We kindly ask that applicants plan to participate in the program with their own health insurance. PARADISE AIR may not serve as an insurer nor guarantor.

While we generally accommodate artists who come to Matsudo alone, we still encourage applications from those who intend to bring along his/her spouse and/or children. Please indicate clearly in the application if you wish to do so.




When is the recruitment of the LONGSTAY program?
Applications for the LONGSTAY Program 2018 are scheduled to open at the beginning of March. The LONGSTAY Program will take place over 3 months from September to November 2018. Please note that the SHORTSTAY Program will be temporarily suspended during this period.

Can I apply the LONGSTAY program even if I cannot stay the full time of 3 months?
We accept your application even if you might not be able to arrive on September 1st or leave earlier than November 28th, or leave some days from Matsudo during the program. Past resident artists also arrived late or left for a week. However, please note that we can afford only one round trip transportation from your home to Matsudo.

How should an art group apply for Step 1?
Please do one resister as a group.

How should an art group apply for Step 2?
Please copy the application document and each member needs to fulfill the page 1 and 2. For page 3 and portfolio, please write your plan and the past works as a group. Also we require passport copies of all the members.

If an art group is successful, is the daily stipend split between them or do they each receive the full stipend?
Please spilt the daily stipend between your team. We can support ¥3,000/day for one group.

If an art group is successful, do every person receive the full round trip air fare?
We’d like to support the full round trip air fare for all the members, but there is the upper limit amount of the support. So you may need to pay for part of your air fare.

How do I know my Application form number so I can put it in the right superior corner of the application document of Step 2?
You don’t need to fulfill the number, PARADISE AIR team will do it.

In portfolio, should it be shown up to three works or it can be shown more?
You are allowed to upload 3 works/projects in total. That works will be viewed in the size of A4 (210×297 mm). The number of the pages and the images on the file is not limited. However, if there are too many, we may not be able to go through it.



How long can you apply for SHORT STAY?
Applications for the SHORTSTAY Program are open all-year round, and can be made using the online application form on our website ( The form should appear after you click on the orange toolbar, located beneath the ‘Enquiry’ and ‘Overview’ information. The online form is our preferred method of application, and prevents your application details from getting lost in our email inbox! Please note that the Short Stay Program does not include a travel allowance.

How long is the stay of SHORT STAY? 
SHORTSTAY Program residencies are generally up to 3 weeks in length, beginning from the first Tuesday of the month. *Please note that we will not be accepting any SHORTSTAY residency applications for the period of Sept-Nov 2018 due to the scheduling of the LONGSTAY Program at that time.*Please also note that we will not be accepting applications for the end-of-year period, between the 22nd of Dec 2018 – 7th Jan 2019.

When will I be notified of the result from the application? 
Selections for the SHORTSTAY Program are made approximately once every two months. As such, it make take some time for us to respond to your application. We request your patience and understanding.

 What is the cost of staying at SHORTSTAY?
The cost of accommodation during our residency programs is covered by Paradise Air. However, all additional costs are to be covered by the artist themselves (food, incidentals, transport costs, etc.).
The coverage of costs associated with artistic output (materials, venue hire etc.) are to be planned and decided in consultation with the PARADISE AIR team.
Please also note that you may be asked to pay a nominal cleaning fee at the end of your residency.

Can I enter if my project is not decided concretely? 
In terms of your proposed artisitic output, it is not necessary to have the specific details decided prior to applying to PARADISE AIR. These can be discussed with the PARADISE AIR team after your application has been accepted. When selecting applicants to the program, the PARADISE AIR team reads each artist’s application while concurrently visiting their website and viewing their previous works.


How can I get to PARADISE AIR from Narita Airport?
From Narita airport, the easiest way to get to Matsudo is the following:

Narita airport Station→[Keisei Sky Liner]→Nippori Station→[JR Joban Line]→Matsudo StationBy this route, it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Matsudo.The residency is 2 minutes walk from the West side of Matsudo station.
There are various other ways to get to Matsudo Station.Please refer to this website to check the routes yourself -

Can I send my luggage in advance?
This is possible. However, please be sure to notify the Paradise Air team well in advance as there are times when no one is in reception. All shipping costs are to covered by the artist.

What kind of place can you use as a production place? 
PARADISE AIR does not have a specific studio space. Most resident artists complete their work in the same room that they are residing in during the residency, however this is flexible depending upon the needs of the artist and their artistic discipline.

What is in the room? Do you need to bring towels and bedding?

The residency rooms are equipped with the following –  bedding, bath towel, face towel, bath mat, hair dryer.Please bring your own toiletries with you, or purchase these at one of the many nearby shops after your arrival.Each floor is equipped with a shared laundry and a kitchen with basic cooking facilities.

Where can I get a SIM card? 
It is not possible to purchase a sim card in Matsudo. We recommend that you organise one at the airport immediately after your arrival. The closest option to the residency is a 15 minute train ride away.

Can I bring my companion? How many guests can stay at the maximum? 
It is possible to stay at the residency with your family, partner, collaborating project members, etc. Each room is able to accommodate two people. Please be sure to let us know within your application if you wish to bring someone with you/work in collaboration with another artist.

Can I apply even by Japanese people?
Japanese artists are also welcome to apply to both of the SHORTSTAY and LONGSTAY Program.

Please tell me about the power supply in Japan
Japanese power plugs are A-type and run at 100V. Please be sure to bring the necessary power plugs and adapters with you. It is also possible to purchase travel adapters in Matsudo.



PARADISE AIRは2013年に入居物件オーナーである株式会社浜友商事の支援をへて運営を開始したレジデンスプログラムです。アーティストが長期滞在するLONGSTAY Programとともに、一宿一芸をコンセプトとしたSHORTSTAY Programなどの運営を活動当初からおこなってきました。そのほかにも、松戸を拠点にファッション、建築、音楽、編集などを手がけるクリエイターに部屋を貸すSTUDIO Programや、最近では記録集の販売など様々な方法で運営財源を確保する試みを続けています。


  • これまでの活動を応援して頂いている地域の方
  • これまでの活動にご興味いただいたすべての方
  • これからのPARADISEの活動を応援したい方
  • 市外、県外、国外在住でなかなか訪れられない、けれど支援をしたい方
  • PARADISEに滞在・訪れたアーティストのみなさん
  • PARADISEをきっかけに世界に羽ばたきたいアーティストのみなさん

等々、世界に広がるPARADISE AIRのネットワークを、応援してくださる皆様とともに広げ、より多くの方と関係を結ぶきっかけになればと思います。

いただいたご支援はLONGSTAY Programをはじめとした事業運営に活用させていただきます。







  • web、チラシへのクレジット
  • カタログへのクレジット
  • カタログの送付
  • PARADISE AIRオフィシャルグッズのプレゼント


  • web、カタログへのクレジット
  • アーティストとの交流招待
  • 関連プログラムや、ワークショップなど、各種プログラム・イベント等への優先予約権・ご招待
  • メールマガジンによるイベント情報の配信
  • カタログの送付
  • PARADISE AIRオフィシャルグッズのプレゼント






■直接振込 の場合






〒271-0091 千葉県松戸市本町15-4 ハマトモビル506号


振込先口座:千葉銀行 松戸支店 普通預金 4246827
口座名義:一般社団法人PAIR 代表理事 ショウジワタル



お問合せがありましたら、 までお気軽にご連絡下さい。



LONGSTAY Program 2017 -松戸で過ごした90日間





PARADISE AIRは、古くから宿場町として栄えた千葉県松戸の歴史や風土を活かしつつ、新しい風を街に取り入れようと2013年に誕生したアーティスト・イン・レジデンスです。もとはホテルとして営業していた松戸駅前のハマトモビルは、現在1~3階を大手パチンコチェーン店「楽園」が営業していますが、上層階はこの数年使用されていませんでした。そこで「楽園」を経営するビルオーナー浜友観光株式会社の協力を受け、4階の2部屋を活用して国内外からアーティストを受け入れるプログラムの運営を開始しました。







PARADISE AIR(千葉県松戸市)、ほか松戸市内各地。翻訳など、自宅でお願いできる作業もあります。