1987年兵庫県生まれ。東京外国語大学在学中より舞台制作・アートプロジェクトのコーディネートをはじめる。舞台芸術創造拠点「急な坂スタジオ」(2010-2015 横浜)、市民の文化的活動を支援する「としまアートステーション構想」事務局(2015-2017 東京・豊島区)を経て、2017年より現職。さまざまなひとや場所とコラボレーションを行いパフォーマンス作品を展開する「居間 theater」メンバー。

1987, born in Hyogo. While studying at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, she started to work as a coordinator for performing arts and art projects. She was in “Steep Slope Studio”, the criative base for performing arts (2010-2015 Yokohama) and “Toshima Art Station Koso”, the art projects supporting civic cultural activities (2015-2017 Toshima,Tokyo), and then assumed the present post. She is also a member of “ima theater”, the performance group, creating performance works with people and spaces in many different genres.