Alix Le Grouyellec arrived in Belgium from France in 2010 to study in La Cambre visual art school based in Brussels. She obtained her Master degree in 2015 and made her first trip to Japan the same year. She developped a pluridisciplinary art project drawing a japanese robot fantasy inspired by Isaac Asimov universe, Blade Runner and extensively the relationship we try to create with new technologies and robots. Her project is name JRipato Corp., a robot factory run by Johny Ripato, a japanese business woman. This factory provides robot services and different robot models: AutomatiX is a selling robot, Orange Velvet is a Belgium-Japanese pop idol, Miss Machine is a welcoming hostess. Every time the robots lives, a new page of the story is written. It takes the form of performances, exhibitions, sound live, parties, goodies, videos, photography, silkscreen printing. This project began in 2014 with Alix’s own initiative and it’s now a collaborative project with more than 10 artists based in France, Belgium, Japan. This project travels alot, it receives as much success in Belgium than in Asia and is accessible to all kind of audiences.