1)名前: フロー     出身 : 香港/イギリス





Florence_work_The Particularities of a Place

Florence Lam’s works are mostly time-based where audiences are invited to witness the birth and constant deterioration of material as a performance. She places herself in a position where she is in control of the presentation while simultaneously being out of control of how the material performs, therefore creating an illusion of familiar intimacy, exposing the life within the materials as they interact with audiences. Making use of the physical quality of direct interaction and exploration, she creates sculptures that are somewhat performative by playing with the audience’s sensory perception.

Often highlighting what is not really there, ‘space’ can be referred as the actual space, personal space of artist and audience, the space between the artist, artwork and audience,and the space in our minds – imagination. Inspired by the two common phenomenon in the early developmental stages in children, Magic Thinking and Animistic thinking, Florence likes to use simple materials that are known and common to general public, something that audiences thought they already have a knowledge of their mechanisms, to pick out and amplify their special quality creating a sense of surprise, the trigger of wonder, as if the object is engaging to the audience to create an illusion of liveliness. Florence strives to recall her audiences’ feeling of pure wonder by bringing in front of their eyes an object that seems physically impossible without life, just as children believed that there were spirits inhabited in the flowing water and sizzling leaves. This is a collective memory for all people regardless of time, space and background, and is driven by the natural human instinct of curiosity.

Florence Lam was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1992 and grew up in Hong Kong. She obtained her BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London in 2014, and is currently pursuing her Masters in Fine Art at Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik. She has exhibited in solo, group shows and performances including ‘La Vasée Comté’, SpLab (Århus, 2016); ‘BÆNG’, Kling Og Bang (Reykjavik, 2016); ‘The World Belongs to Everyone, Not only a Chosen Few’, Nýlistasafnið / The Living Art Museum (Reykjavik, 2015); ‘Balloon Performance’, Pantocratór Gallery (Shanghai, 2015), ‘Curated by Paul Smith & Friends’, Paul Smith (London, 2014); ‘Seaweed Magazine Exclusive Release’, Från Ö till A (Stockholm, 2014); ‘When.Arts.Meet’, Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (Hong Kong, 2013). Her works has been shortlisted for ‘Bloomsberg New Contemporaries 2014’, ‘The National Open Art Competition 2014’ and ‘Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition 2014’.