Kamil Tatara

I was born in famous Polish city of Szczebrzeszyn in year 1981. Studied Fine Arts at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. Mastering in 2006 in Drawing Media. Durning years of practice I decide to stay close to more classical forms of art like painting and drawing but also, I use video, installation or object as a way of expression. I usually create my artistic work inside my own studio, but I’m going outside for creative process by watching people around, reading and studying human condition. (Sentences Series) Everything that is connected to social, history, culture, politics aspects of life (Exodus Series). But simultaneously in same time extremely important for my is studying and exploring pure artistic path not related to anything except conceptual issues (GMCC Series). I feel like been Artist is permanent state of research. Some of my latest works was exhibited in Seoul – Korea, Birmingham, London – England, Gorlitz – Germany and Krakow, Poznan – Poland.