Visual Artist

Leeay Aikawa is a multidisciplinary artist, who moved from Japan to Toronto in 2003. She is focused on invoking human curiosity and exploring the nature of perception through intense simplistic colour and forms, forgoing visual details. Her bold and playful spirit attests to her artistic practice with various media and allowing the medium to speak to what the composition is. (IG: @leeay) A parallel project is photomontage collage. Growing up in Japan, she was always drawn to the vintage photography and advertising of the western world. Combining what at first seems contradictory, she’s created sensational and intuitive fusions of found images both done in digital or analogue for the last 10 years. She initiates discussion with her collage pieces that pertain to societal assumptions, while often exploring themes of religious freedoms, simulacrum and pop culture. (IG: @_vintage_people)