TinTin Patrone
author / composer / film producer / music producer / musician / painter / performance artist

TinTin Patrone (* 1983) is a German-Filipino composer, musician, film and music producer as well as painter, performance artist and author based in Hamburg, Germany. Patrone founded the group Krachkisten Orchestra in 2009, the International MusicMotorcycleClub in 2012, and runs various musical and artistic individual projects in parallel. The connections between music, art, sound and experimental gesture is the general field TinTin Patrone is interested in. One focus of her creations lies on the visual elements of music, the tension between conceptual ideas and physical existence.
Her performances and installations include elements from musical Concept-Art and Fluxus. Another important inspiration that informs her artistic practice is the culture of associations and clubs; she often performs with her orchestra or cooperates with other artists and collectives.